Texas Secretary of State

Single Application Submission - Checklist

  Before continuing, please ensure the following is available in order for your application/bond to be accepted for processing:
   A credit card for payment (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA)
 A scanned image of signed and completed application/bond form 2301. Acceptable file types are gif, jpg, or png.
    (Sample Form PDF)
 Please review the list of reasons an application will not be accepted for processing
  • Illegible application
  • Information that is missing that is required in accordance with Texas Government Code ยง 406.005
    • the applicant's name to be used in acting as a notary public
    • the applicant's post office address
    • the applicant's county of residence
    • the applicant's date of birth
    • the applicant's driver's license number or the number of other official state-issued identification
    • the applicant's social security number
  • If you have selected box "A" under "Statements Relating to Qualification," indicating you have been found guilty of a crime other than a class C misdemeanor, your application will only be accepted by mail.
    •  the applicant must send completed hard copy of notary application and required documentation as described on the application to: Office of the Secretary of State, Notary Public Unit, PO Box 13375, Austin, TX 78701
  • Incomplete Notary Public Surety Bond
  • Signature of authorized person for surety missing
  • Signature of applicant missing
  • Declined credit card payment
  • If this is a renewal, if the application is submitted beyond 90 days of current commission expiration date.
  Please note that your credit card will not be charged until the application is reviewed and accepted. No charge will be made if the application is rejected.